What is a Camping Unit?

A CAMPING UNIT is a camper, motor home or a vehicle plus tent, vehicle plus caravan combination.

Only booked in vehicles/camping units WITH CAMPING UNIT passes will be allowed in the camping sites.

We cannot accept any additional pay on the day camping units once we have closed the advanced booking, however if you have additional passengers with your (already advance booked) camping unit then they will be admitted on the day upon payment of £65 at the gate.

  • Your camping unit (Camper/Awning/Car/Caravan/tents/ combination) MUST fit within a 7m X 7m area.
  • If your Camping unit needs more space than this then additional camping unit area(s) tickets MUST be bought.
  • We will have a special areas for extra large/heavy motor homes or camping units
  • We have a set number of areas set aside for clubs.. Contact our CAMPING MANAGER (soon!) for more info on availability.

All Generators should be turned off at Midnight, but if you are in the Family Camping area this should be 22:00hrs.

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