The Malvern BUSFEST will have the biggest and widest selection of Trade Stands of ANY VW event with over 300 trade plots outdoor & inside.

Traders information

The trade area will be open to the public from 10am on Friday and 9am on Saturday and Sunday and will close each day at 6pm for indoor traders, all traders will be able to arrive and set up on Thursday ready for the event opening to the public at 10am on Friday.

Currently No food or drink is permitted to be sold by traders as the food and drink sales is contracted via the showground.

All TRADESTAND Holders must ensure that they are fully able to comply with all elements of the relevant Covid 19 precautions & rules that still may be in force when we get to our Busfest Event.

These measures include.

  • Ensuring that Social Distancing measures are in place (and enforced)
  • Provision of safe pedestrian route ingress & exit from trade stand
  • Measures to ensure that there no overcrowding within Tradestand area.
  • Provision of sanitising measures for general public (and staff)
  • Ensuring there is adequate airflow within any encloses space/marquee. (50% of trade stand /marquee side walls should remain open when open to general public)

If you wish to book a pitch for the coming show please email, with the following information, type of trader, a brief description of goods for sale, once your request has been received, we will contact you to confirm if there is available plots and forward you the trade pack, on completion of the application and receipt of your payment your pitch will be booked and confirmed.

The Sale or use of Motor Bikes (any size), Quad Bikes, Motorised Skate Boards, Scooters, Guns, Fireworks including Bang snaps (also known as "Devil Bangers", "Lil' Splodeys", Throwdowns, snap-its, poppers, ... pop pops, whiz-bangers, cherry poppers, pop rocks, snap'n pops or bangers) , Chinese Lanterns or any offensive material is strictly prohibited.


  • The trade area is located in the South section of the showground & includes the Wye and Avon halls.
  • Once that allocation is reached we will not take any further bookings.
  • Outdoor trade plots start at 5m frontage x 15m depth in size.
  • Indoor trade plots are 6m x 6m (including vintage & retro) craft plots are 3m frontage x 4m depth.
  • DEADLINE for booking trade and craft plots is 31st July or when we reach capacity.
  • PLEASE NOTE all trade pitches are available for set up on the THURSDAY of the event.
  • Camping for outdoor traders is on your plots and for indoor plots (incuding craft) camping space is in the trade camping area (behind & adjacent to the halls).
  • All trade area opens 10.00 Friday. 09.00 Saturday & Sunday.
  • Trade area closes for indoor traders @ 6pm and halls are locked by usually 7pm.


BUSFEST has a large area for vehicle sales.

This year it will again have our new Auto jumble area to accompany it. Vehicle sale plots will be available @ £20 per Day or £30 for the weekend. Vehicle Sales passes will be available on site from the Vehicle Sales area.

Please note; For 2022 (this Year) we will only be having Vehicle Sales Area on the SATURDAY & SUNDAY. (We will NOT be open for vehicle sales on the Friday)


  • This area will be pre marked out with a set number of Vehicle Sales Plots to allow for pre booking (Pre Paying) of plots.
  • Vehicle Sales will be open on the SATURDAY & SUNDAY of the event. (Brown Gate opens 09.00 Sat & Sunday)
  • A control cabin will be located in this area. Persons should aim to get their vehicle in place as soon as possible (before 10.00am)
  • Prices Per Day £20. Price for Weekend £30. NOTE; Normal Entry fee(s) still have to be applied.
  • Only vehicles displaying Vehicle Sales Passes will be permitted on the Vehicle Sales Area.
  • There is only a set number of Vehicle Sales Plots. When these have gone no more passes will be made available.
  • Some owners of vehicles in the for Sale Area will be camping in their vehicles & they will remain in place on the for sales plot overnight
  • Persons wishing to test drive vehicles will have to leave/return to site via BROWN GATE

Vehicles for sale may appear from either inside the showground site or will come on to site as day visitors;


  • Persons who are already on site (CAMPING) wishing to sell their vehicle must book a plot as normal & pay fee at the Vehicle Sales Control Point at the VEHICLE SALES AREA.
  • They should then get their vehicle to their allotted plot as soon as possible (preferably before 9.00) via Brown Inner Gate of via Family Camping area


  • Vehicles coming to site as DAY VISITORS will have pay a normal fee for DAY visitor(s) pay a fee for either 1 or 2 Days £20 or £30 VEHICLE SALES Fee at the BROWN GATE
  • Once you have obtained necessary Day Visitor passes & then make payment for your sale vehicle at the VEHICLE SALES CONTROL CABIN.


It is inevitable that many people will also attempt to sell vehicles at other locations on site.

  • This is permitted providing they are located on TRADE PLOTS
  • Vehicles deliberately moved/sited/positioned on other areas/roadways on site & illegally parked up will NOT be tolerated.

Illegally parked "For Sale" vehicles should be reported to HQ/Security. They will be posted (over the “For Sale” details) with a large Yellow Cards & politely requested to move or be towed away.


BUSFEST AUTO JUMBLE are for individuals that wish to sell VEHICLE PARTS that they no longer require and is aimed at people doing garage/shed clear outs.

It is NOT for general traders

The AUTOJUMBLE AREAS are located TWO areas on the site;


  • This Area is located at the East (AVON HALL) wall side of the hardstanding area between Avon & Wye Halls.
  • This area will only be available to WEEKEND AUTO-JUMBLERS
  • Pre-Booked & approved WEEKEND AUTOJUMBLERS using this area will come to the site during the TRADE build up via the RED GATE on the THURSDAY
  • These plots will be 5m (frontage) x 10m Plots & located along the outside Wall of the Avon hall. A MAX of 2 per booking
  • These plots are fairly unique as they offer a grass patch along the wall (for vehicles/camping) and hardstanding (tarmac) for putting the actual auto-jumble on.


  • This area is located to the WEST of the Site in the BROWN/VEHICLE SALES AREA.
  • This area is available to BOTH WEEKEND & DAY AUTO-JUMBLERS
  • This area will only be open on the SATURDAY & SUNDAY of the event.
  • This area is good (has good hardstanding) but the area is not open for building up on the Thursday so any Autojumblers can only come to site & set up on the FRIDAY when the BROWN GATE is opened at 10.00.


  • There will be a LIMITED NUMBER of AUTO JUMBLE plots located AVON & BROWN .
  • Once that allocation is reached we will not take any further bookings.
  • Autojumble plots will be approx. 5m x 10m in size . A MAX of 2 per booking
  • TWO Types of Autojumble plots are available;
  • WEEKEND AUTOJUMBLE - Located at Avon Hall (Open Fri, Sat & Sunday)
  • PLEASE NOTE; AVON Setting up time is from the THURSDAY of the event.
  • DAY AUTOJUMBLE PLOTS. - Located at Brown Car Park (Open Saturday & Sunday)
  • BROWN Setting up is only possible from 10.00 of the FRIDAY of the event. (The area is only going to be open on Saturday & Sunday)
  • DEADLINE for booking of AUTO JUMBLE PLOTS will be 20th AUGUST or when we reach capacity.
  • Auto jumblers must camp/stay on the Auto jumble plot & not take up any other camping space(s)
  • Auto jumble area opens 09.00 Saturday & Sunday


  • WEEKEND Plot price INCLUDES ENTRY to the event & CAMPING for 1 vehicle & 2 persons.
  • DAY Plot price INCLUDES access for 1 vehicle & DAY VISITOR entry fee for 2 persons


  • Contact us in advance & request an WEEKEND Auto jumble plot ( ).
  • Select which area you wish to be in; AVON or BROWN
  • WEEKEND Auto jumblers can camp/stay in the vehicle on the plot for the weekend. (1 vehicle 2 persons.)
  • Additional persons on the plot will cost £45 (per person for the weekend)
  • Note when you will be able to come to site to set up; AVON – THURS, BROWN - FRIDAY


  • Contact us in advance & request an DAY Auto jumble plot; ( )
  • The Day Auto Jumble plot area will only be open on SATURDAY & SUNDAY
  • DAY Auto jumblers coming to site as a DAY VISITOR should go to BROWN GATE and then get pass & make payment (if required) at the VEHICLE SALES CABIN.
  • DAY Auto jumblers can remain on the plot until 18.00 each day. 1 vehicle 2 persons.


  • Auto jumble trading fee(s) must be paid PRIOR to trading on the Busfest Weekend
  • Auto jumble plots are NOT available to normal commercial traders. We reserve the right to refuse an Auto jumble plot to anyone who is deemed to NOT be a genuine Auto jumbler or in breach of Busfest Site & Trading Rules.
  • Sale, Weapons, Guns, Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns or any offensive material is strictly prohibited.
  • Sub-letting of AUTO JUMBLE space is strictly prohibited
  • All waste must be placed in skips/bins provided in & around the Vehicle Sales/Auto jumble area
  • The selling of food & drink is strictly prohibited.


DEADLINE for booking an AUTOJUMBLE PLOT will be 20th AUGUST or when we reach capacity.


  • Contact us in advance & request an Autojumble plot; Contact;
  • Autojumbler can camp/stay in the vehicle on the plot for the weekend. (1 vehicle 2 persons.)


  • Contact us in advance & request an Autojumble plot; Contact;
  • Autojumbler coming to site as a DAY VISITOR should go to BROWN GATE and then get pass & make payment at the VEHICLE SALES CABIN.
  • Autojumbler can remain on the plot until 17.00 each day. 1 vehicle 2 persons.

All catering is contracted via the showground, this includes all food and drink.

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